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Quiesce Server

The Quiesce Server option allows an administrator to immediately block all access from clients to the server while maintaining a consistent server state.

Successful Quiesce.

It is now safe to perform a system backup of FairCom DB Server's controlled files.

Press RETURN once the backup is completed to resume the FairCom DB Server.

Press RETURN to continue...

While in this state all data and index files are physically closed and can be safely copied, backed up, or moved. Simply press RETURN to bring the server back online to clients.

When you quiesce the server, as long as the connection that quiesced the server remains connected, all other connections are blocked. Only if that connection goes away do we allow the ADMIN user to logon again and undo the quiesce.

When the administrator selects the ctadmn utility's option to quiesce a FairCom Server, ctadmn checks for active transactions. If any transactions are active, ctadmn prompts the user for a maximum time to wait for transactions to complete. That value is passed to the ctQUIET() function, which waits up to the specified number of seconds before aborting active transactions and quiescing FairCom Server.