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HUGE_TO_SEG_MB <segment size in MBs> [#<maximum number of segments>]

Note: Segmented Tables have been deprecated.

Force any huge file to be created as a segmented file.

On systems that do not support files greater than 2 GB or 4 GB, FairCom DB can still support huge files by creating tables as segmented files. The size of each segment stays below the OS maximum file size limit, but the aggregate size exceeds the limit.

The maximum number of segments is optional and defaults to sixteen (16). For example, to specify a segment size of 1 GB, and a maximum of 8 segments for a total file size of up to 8 GB, an entry would look like


If the file has been created with a maximum size in the XCREblk structure (see parameters for the extended create file function), then the number of segments will be computed to accommodate the maximum size.

Note: If dynamic dumps are used, then it would be appropriate to use the !EXT_SIZE script option so that the dump stream file would also be broken into automatic segments.