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Log Template Configuration

Enable the log template feature by specifying the server keyword LOG_TEMPLATE in the server configuration file.


where <n> is the number of log templates you want the server to maintain. The default is 0, which means no use of log templates. For instance, a value of two (2) means that two blank logs (L0000002.FCT and L0000003.FCT) would be created at first server startup in addition to the template (L0000000.FCT).

Prior to using the log template feature, existing transaction logs must be deleted to cause the server to create log templates. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Perform a controlled shutdown of the FairCom Server.
  2. Block the ability of any clients to attach to the FairCom Server.
  3. Perform a second controlled shutdown of the FairCom Server.
  4. Remove all existing transaction logs and associated files: Lnnnnnnn.FCS, S0000000.FCS, and S0000001.FCS.
  5. Unblock the ability of clients to attach to the FairCom Server and restart it.

When the server is restarted after adding this keyword, startup may take longer due to creation of template log files (*.FCT).

Note: For more information, consult the procedures in the Knowledgebase section titled Steps to Upgrade FairCom Server to find out how to cleanly shut down, delete the logs, and restart. Because you are not upgrading FairCom Server, you will ignore the step that tells you to copy the ctsrvr.exe or faircom.exe file.


Log templates are not supported when mirrored logs or log encryption is in use.