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Automatic Logging to the Server System Event Log

The SNAPSHOT_INTERVAL keyword enables automatic snapshots at specified intervals:


By default, only the system snapshot is captured. To add user or file-specific snapshots to the data captured, use one or more of the following configuration entries:



Files and users added to the snapshots are said to be activated. Users and files may be activated whether or not the automatic snapshots are turned on in the configuration file. However, the activation has no effect until snapshots are written to the SYSLOG files.

The <user ID> and <file name> arguments may include wildcard matching characters: “*” matches an arbitrary number of any characters, and “?” matches exactly one of any character. A pattern of simply “*” matches any user or file name. For example, the following keywords activate all users, any file ending in “.dat”, and the file journal.idx:




User IDs are not case sensitive. File name case sensitivity depends on the platform. For example, Windows is case insensitive and Unix is case sensitive. The file names activated must match the file name used to first open the file. In particular, paths used in the activation list and during the call to open the file must match.