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TASKER_SLEEP <milliseconds | 0 | -1>

Reduces FairCom DB Server CPU activity level in non-preemptive environments, where the FairCom DB Server performs its own task switching, thus controlling when to put itself to sleep and when to wake up. The value of TASKER_SLEEP controls whether the FairCom DB Server puts itself to sleep and, if it does, when it will wake itself up. Setting this keyword to other than default will diminish the FairCom DB Server performance. This keyword is generally only required in older Unix environments. (SCO Unix, QNX, Apple A/UX, Interactive Unix and Motorola 88 OPEN.)

Valid values are:




Never sleep.


Relinquish control of the CPU if another process is ready to run; otherwise, resume processing

> 0

Sleep for that amount of time (in milliseconds).

Default: 0