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Deprecated. See the notes below for other monitoring tools.

LOCK_MONITOR <threshold value>

Monitors the number of active record locks. This keyword, or the SetOperationState() function call, enables a lock monitor that indicates when the number of lock calls over unlocks equals a multiple of the threshold value, or if it goes below a threshold.

For example, LOCK_MONITOR 100 sends a message to the console each time the number of lock calls over unlocks equals a multiple of 100. Likewise, if the number of unbalanced lock calls falls below these thresholds, a message goes to the console. Ordinarily, when the number of locks are in balance (i.e., excess locks over unlocks equals zero) no message is routed to the console unless a message indicating an excess of locks has already been sent to the console. If you wish the message to be sent whenever the number of excess locks equals zero, enter the threshold value as a negative. For example, LOCK_MONITOR -100

Default: No lock monitor

Tools for Monitoring Locks

Several elements in the Snapshot Structure contain information about locks. For information about monitoring the state of locks, see the File Snapshot Structure in the FairCom DB Programmer's Reference Guide.

For a graphical view of locks and other system information, try using the FairCom DB Monitor and the FairCom DB Gauges available in your tools folder and in the Windows Start menu.