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CTSTATUS_SIZE <file_size | negative_file_size | 0>

CTSTATUS_SIZE controls the size of the FairCom DB Server status file. The argument to CTSTATUS_SIZE is the approximate maximum size in bytes for CTSTATUS.FCS. When this limit is reached, CTSTATUS.FCS is renamed to T0000001.FCS and a new status file is created. The T#.FCS file numbers increase each time the limit is reached, similar to the transaction log files, i.e., the next time the maximum size is reached, CTSTATUS.FCS is renamed to T0000002.FCS.

To limit the number of archived status logs, set a negative value for CTSTATUS_SIZE. Only T0000001.FCS will be kept, being replaced each time CTSTATUS.FCS is archived.

A value of 0, the default, allows the file to expand to a size limited by the operating system and storage availability.

Default: -32000000