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Listen for server information via TCP/IP.

Short Name



Low-Level function


NINT GetServerInfo(pTEXT buffer, NINT bufsiz)


On the client side, GetServerInfo() listens on the default port and stores the broadcast string in buffer. If the default port is not used, change the value for the client by altering the following define in ctcomm.h:

#define ctsrvBROADCAST_PORT 5595

By default, GetServerInfo() times out after 90 seconds. Adjust this timeout value by setting the following define in ctoptn.h or ctree.mak:

#define myWAIT_SEC 90


This routine returns NO_ERROR (0) if it executed properly, -1 if the buffer was smaller than the string it received, or the value of the system-level errno if an error occurred. Check your compiler’s documentation for valid errno values.


TEXT info_buf[128];

NINT retval;

pTEXT wptr;

ctrt_printf("Checking for Broadcast Servers .........\n");

if (retval = GetServerInfo(info_buf, (NINT)sizeof(info_buf))) {

ctrt_printf("Error getting available servers [%ld] \n",



if ((ctrt_strlen(info_buf) < 1) && !retval) {

printf("No Broadcasting Servers Available \n");

} else {

if ((wptr = strchr(info_buf,'|')))

*wptr = '@';

if ((wptr = strchr(info_buf,'|')))

*wptr = '\0';

ctrt_printf("We will attempt a connection to [%s] on port

[%s].\n", info_buf, ++wptr);

*svn = info_buf;


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