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Passes server license file contents directly to an embedded server model ("Server DLL").


NINT ctDECL ctSetLicenseOptions (const char *licenseString);


ctSetLicenseOptions() passes a null-terminated string containing the contents of a valid c-tree Server license file for use with the embedded database engine model ("Server DLL").

Note: The license data must be entered exactly as on disk because a checksum is used to ensure that the license has not been modified. Simply including a newline at the end of the last line will cause a checksum error because the license file has no newline at the end of its last line.


NINT rc;

rc = ctSetLicenseOptions("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"us-ascii\"?>\n<ctlicense version="3">\n...");

Note: When this option is used, the following message is logged to CTSTATUS.FCS instead of the usual message which shows the license file name:

Tue Jun 25 14:26:51 2019
- User# 00001 LICENSE: License file in use: application-provided