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Called when a data record filter is removed. This function cleans up resources that are used by that filter.


NINT ctfiltercbRemoveFilter(pTEXT libname, pTEXT funcname, pTEXT params,

pVOID libhandle, pVOID flthandle);

  • libname - the filter callback DLL name that was passed to SetDataFilter().
  • funcname - the filter callback function name that was passed to SetDataFilter().
  • params - the function parameter string that was passed to SetDataFilter().
  • libhandle - the application-defined library handle that was set by LoadFilter().
  • flthandle - the application-defined filter handle that was set by ctfiltercbAddFilter().

FairCom DB maintains a list of the names of the callback DLLs it has loaded. A DLL remains loaded until FairCom DB shuts down.


LoadFilter() can allocate memory for use by the filter callback function and can return its address in this parameter.

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See also

ctfiltercbAddFilter, EvaluateFilter, LoadFilter, UnloadFilter, SetDataFilter