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Define which of the fields are automatically set by the server using the current server system time (in GMT time zone).


ISAM Function


NINT AddAutoSysTimeFields(FILNO datno, pA_STFIELDS defs)


  • datno - the data file number. In V12, the file number typedef was formally changed from COUNT, a two-byte value to FILNO, a four-byte value. Refer to this link for compatibility details. Four Byte File Numbering TypeDef Change
  • defs - pointer to fields definition structure:

typedef struct astfields {

COUNT version; /* Version of this structure */

COUNT entries; /* number of entries in fields array */

LONG pad; /* padding to ensure struct alignment */

pA_STFIELD fields; /* fields array */


  • version - the version of the structure. must be set to A_STFIELDS_VERS_V01.
  • entries - the number of fields that needs to be automatically set with the system time. It must match the number of entries in the fields array.
  • fields - pointer to an array of field settings:

typedef struct astfield {

LONG fieldno; /* field number */

TEXT mode; /* set time */


  • fieldno - the field number in the DODA for the field that is set to auto setting with system time stamp.
  • mode - in which condition the field gets populated. Possible values:

    CT_AUTOSYSTIME_CREATE 0x01 - when the record gets added

    CT_AUTOSYSTIME_UPDATE 0x02 - when the record gets rewritten/updated.


NO_ERROR on success