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DLL for FairCom Server to Access AWS Secrets Manager

A new DLL, ctaws.dll, exports a set of API functions that FairCom Server uses to access AWS Secrets Manager on Windows. FairCom Server dynamically loads this DLL when it is configured to use AWS Secrets Manager to store its master encryption key.

This DLL requires the Amazon provided AWS C++ SDK DLLs aws-cpp-sdk-core.dll and aws-cpp-sdk-secretsmanager.dll, which contain the AWS core and Secrets Manager functions respectively.

Product Installation Requirements:

To use AWS Secrets Manager as FairCom Server’s encryption key store, the DLLs ctaws.dll, aws-cpp-sdk-core.dll, and aws-cpp-sdk-secretsmanager.dll must be installed in the same directory as the FairCom Server binary.

Note: When using AWS key store support on servers that are licensed for multiple remote desktop sessions, the password prompt may not be presented unless the database process is run as a normal process (not a Windows service). Because this might involve file permissions changes, it is recommended to install the database in this non‑service configuration on such systems.