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Below is the code where specific data definitions are established by your application and/or process. With this code, you will "Create" columns/fields and creating the tables/files with optional indexes:


* *

* db_create: creates the data files and indexes. *

* If any of the files already exist there *

* will be an error. The files are closed *

* so all intended file modes take effect. *

* *



VOID db_create(void)


VOID db_create()



/* Create the data file */

if (CreateDataFile(INVENTDAT,"invent.dat",sizeof(invent),4096,ctVIRTUAL|ctSHARED|ctFIXED))

terminate("Could not create invent.dat",INVENTDAT);

/* the second parameter is no longer used */

if (CloseCtFile(INVENTDAT,0))

terminate("Could not close invent.dat after creation",INVENTDAT);

/* Create the index file */

if (CreateIndexFile(INVENTIDX,"invent.idx",25,0,0,0,4096,ctVIRTUAL|ctSHARED))

terminate("Could not create invent.idx",INVENTIDX);

if (CloseCtFile(INVENTIDX,0))

terminate("Could not close invent.idx after creation",INVENTIDX);

printf("\nSuccessfully created data files and indices");