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Testing with Default FairCom DB Certificates

For testing and evaluation purposes only, a self-signed X.509 certificate is included in your default FairCom DB package. OpenSSL was used to create this certificate.

Security Note: It is critical this included certificate is never used in a production setting.

In the example below, a certificate and private key are both included in the file ctree_ssl.pem. Unencrypted TCP/IP connections are allowed, and the specified ciphers are the ones that are allowed to be used in encrypting the SSL connection:






To enable only TLS-encrypted communications for all connections, change SSL_CONNECTIONS_ONLY to YES, and, optionally, comment Shared Memory communications support to prevent local unencrypted shared memory connections. (FairCom DB Shared Memory connections are not supported for TLS encryption.)


Finally, for peer authentication, an additional cross-check validation against the server certificate, copy ctsrvr.pem to your client working directory. FairCom DB management and administration tools already include this local client certificate file in their working folder:


All GUI tool connection dialogs contain specific parameter options for enabling TLS connections. was specified as the Common Name in provided FairCom DB default certificates. Specify when testing FairCom DB SQL Explorer for TLS authentication using ADO.NET to succeed using these included certs.