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Option to specify external library name in platform-independent format

Features such as the record update callback function use an external shared library or DLL that c-tree loads to support user-defined callback functions. The library name is stored in a resource in the file. Because the name was platform-dependent (starting with lib and ending in .so on Unix and ending with .dll on Windows for example), a data file containing a record callback library reference could not be easily used on both Unix and Windows systems.

In V11.5 and later, c-tree supports specifying the DLL or shared library name in a way that causes c-tree to automatically convert the library name to the standard format for the platform on which it is running.

To use this feature, specify ^ as the first character of the library name. For example, specifying the name ^mycallback causes c-tree to convert the name to on Unix systems ( on HP/UX and libmycallback.dylib on MacOSX), and to mycallback.dll on Windows systems.

When the library name starts with ^, the conversion is ALWAYS applied. For example on Linux, the library name ^liberty is converted to

This new feature can also be used in the following situations:

  1. when using a conditional index external library
  2. when using a data record filter external library
  3. when using a deferred index external library