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Counting the Number of Deferred Operations

A count of the number of operations that have been deferred for the index is stored in the index file’s header. A new extended GETFILX() API function has been introduced with additional parameter options and can be used to read this value with the DFRKOPS mode.

Function prototype

ctCONV NINT ctDECL GETFILX( FILNO filno,COUNT mode, pVOID bufptr, pNINT pbuflen );


LONG8 ndfrkops;

NINT rc, buflen = sizeof(LONG8);

if ((rc = GETFILX( keyno, DFRKOPS, &ndfrkops, &buflen))) {

printf("Error: Failed to get deferred operation count: %d\n",


} else {

printf("Number of deferred index operations :" ctLLnd(10) " ",