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dyndmp and dyndumpsetopt

The Dynamic Dump can send a script to the server and receive a dump stream and/or status messages from the server. The following capabilities are available for scripting a dynamic dump:

  1. When scheduling a dynamic dump, the client can send the dump script to the server.
  2. When running a dynamic dump, the client can request that status messages be sent to it while the dump is performed and/or the dump stream file can also be sent to the client process.

To use these options, call the function dyndmpsetopt() before calling dyndmp():

extern NINT dyndmpsetopt(NINT option,pVOID value);

The following are the supported options. All options are disabled by default.

  • DDOPT_SENDSCRIPT - Send dump script to server. Set value to the script name, or set it to NULL to disable this option. Example:

    dyndmpsetopt(DDOPT_SENDSCRIPT, "script.txt");

  • DDOPT_RECVSTREAM - Receive dump stream from server. Set value to YES to enable this option or NO to disable this option. Example:

    dyndmpsetopt(DDOPT_RECVSTREAM, (pVOID) YES);

  • DDOPT_RECVSTATUS - Receive status messages from server. Set value to YES to enable this option or NO to disable this option. Example:

    dyndmpsetopt(DDOPT_RECVSTATUS, (pVOID) YES);

  • DDOPT_SETCALLBK - Set callback function. Set value to the callback function pointer, or set it to NULL to disable the use of the callback function. Example:

    extern ctCONV NINT mycallback(pVOID pctx,pVOID pdata,NINT datalen,NINT opcode);

    dyndmpsetopt(DDOPT_SETCALLBK , &mycallback);

  • DDOPT_SETCONTEXT - Set callback function context pointer. Set value to the context pointer that will be passed to the callback function. Example:

    mystruct mycontext;

    dyndmpsetopt(DDOPT_SETCONTEXT, &mycontext);

  • DDOPT_SETBUFSIZ - Set communication buffer size. Set value to the buffer size to use. Example:

    dyndmpsetopt(DDOPT_SETBUFSIZ, (pVOID) 100000);


1) The dump options remain in effect for all dynamic dumps performed by the current connection until they are changed.

2) When the DDOPT_RECVSTREAM or DDOPT_RECVSTATUS options are used, the following dynamic dump script options are ignored:

COPY_NONCTREE - Non-ctree files cannot be copied.

DATE and TIME - No scheduling of dump for later time.

EXT_SIZE - Only one dump extent is created.

FREQ - No repeat of dump.

SEGMENT - No segmenting of dump stream.

The ctdump utility supports these features through command-line options:

usage: ctdump [-s svn] [-u uid] [-p upw] [-t script] [-b bufsiz] [-n] [-c] [-o backup]


  • -s svn - c-tree Server name
  • -u uid - User name
  • -p upw - User password
  • -t - Dump script name
  • -b bufsiz - Use buffer size of bufsiz bytes
  • -c - Send dump script from client
  • -m - Minimize progress notifications
  • -n - Send progress notifications to the client
  • -o backup_filename - Write dump stream from server to file on client


# ctdump -u ADMIN -p ADMIN -o backup.fcd -c -t script.txt -s FAIRCOMS -n


c-tree(tm) Version Dynamic Backup Utility

Copyright (C) 1992 - 2015 FairCom Corporation


Reading dump stream from server with buffer size of 100000

Start dump. Estimated dump size: 2691072


86% 100% [ 2328576 of 2326528 bytes]


89% 100% [ 86016 of 81920 bytes]


99% 100% [ 266240 of 262144 bytes]


100% 100% [ 4096 of 128 bytes]


100% 100% [ 4096 of 128 bytes]


100% 100% [ 2048 of 679 bytes]

End dump. Actual dump size: 2705408

Dynamic Dump has been successfully written to the file backup.fcd.

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