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Heterogeneous Support for BAT_INS and BAT_UPD

BAT_INS and BAT_UPD support heterogeneous client/server environments in which the record images formed by the client do not conform to the record images stored on disk. In addition, this modification detects alignment discrepancies between the client's record images and the alignment on disk.

The following are important details related to this new capability in heterogeneous client/server situations:

  • BAT_INP_RAW, USERPRF_NDATA and USERPRF_NTKEY change the batch conversion process:

    If BAT_INP_RAW is included in the BATSETX mode, then the collection of records, key values (BAT_UPD_KEY only) and control information such as variable record lengths are not converted.

    If BAT_INP_RAW is not turned on, then if USERPRF_NDATA is turned on, the record images are not converted, but the record lengths (variable-length data files only) will be converted.

    If BAT_INP_RAW is not turned on, then if USERPRF_NTKEY is turned on and if BAT_UPD_KEY is included in the BATSETX mode, the key will not be transformed before it is used to find an existing data record.

  • If the conversions have not been turned off as noted above, then the server performs the necessary conversions. If the server predates this modification, and conversions are required, the BATSETX fails on the client-side (i.e., no call is made to the server) with SCNV_ERR (994).
  • If an alignment discrepancy is found, BATSETX fails with ALGN_ERR (992).