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cttctx locking options for record read

In V10.3 and later, the cttctx test program supports locking options for record reads. This test program adds a record, reads it with a write lock, and deletes it. It can be run in a mode that only reads the records. Prior to this revision, the test program always acquired a write lock when reading the record.

This revision adds an option to perform the reads with no lock, with a read lock, or with a write lock. The following command line options are available:

  • -or - Read records with no lock.
  • -orl - Read with a read lock.
  • -orL - Read with a write lock (this was the behavior prior to this update).

When these options are used, the test program displays the type of locking that is used:

  • Read with no lock
  • Read with read lock
  • Read with write lock