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Transaction Statistics Support

The SnapShot API function supports logging FairCom Server transaction statistics. For a listing of the transaction statistics the FairCom Server collects, refer to the ctPSStransaction structure in the Snapshot Contents section. The supported operations include:

Snapshot action




Retrieve FairCom Server's transaction statistics.




Snapshot support for FairCom Server compiled without transaction control

In V11 and later, support has been added for using the SnapShot feature when FairCom DB Server is compiled without transaction control (UNIFRMAT server, for example). (ctSNAPSHOT API and utilities such as ctstat and FairCom DB Monitor use this feature.)

Prior to this modification, FairCom DB Monitor had limited functionality on a server that did not support transaction processing: the Files Stats, System Snapshot, User Snapshot, Snapshot Favorites, and Function Timing tabs could not be used (typical error = 454, not supported).

Note: Although the snapshot API is now supported by a server, some functions (such as replication and transaction information) are not supported.