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User Defined Transaction Log Entries

The FairCom DB transaction logs contain information detailing the complete history of a user transaction. These logs guarantee that in the event of a catastrophic FairCom DB failure (e.g. a power failure) the existing data and index files can be brought back to a consistent state when the server restarts. The transaction logs also allow the server to make online backups via the c-tree Dynamic Dump feature.

FairCom DB permits a client to connect and read the transaction logs directly through a new API, useful in replicating transactions across servers. There are situations where it would be useful for a user to insert their own entries into the transaction logs.

TRANUSR() permits users to make their own entries in the transaction log. This function is designed for only the most advanced users, and will be of limited value unless the user has a facility to read the transaction logs. The long name of this function is UserLogEntry().