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Multi-Threaded API

FairCom DB includes a full featured cross-platform thread management API for the multi-user stand-alone model and the multi-threaded client/server model. This API gives applications enhanced performance and better logical program flow. In addition, this API takes care of all system specific threading issues when moving between operating systems, even those not supporting native threading. The ability for advanced inter-thread communication further strengthens the power of this robust API.

FairCom has years of experience in developing multi-threaded applications. Multi-threading has been built into all FairCom Servers since the late 80’s. Operating systems not supporting native threading required a custom thread manager, including a high speed task manager/scheduler. FairCom’s ctThrd API system encapsulates this expertise into an easy to use, system-independent, thread management interface. Extensive experience with a variety of system-specific thread management packages has further enhanced our development expertise.