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Disabling Resources

Resources are enabled unless you specify otherwise when the file is created. The only situation where you may want to disable Resources is if you do extensive processing of a data file in reverse physical order. With Resources enabled, you can no longer use LastRecord() or PreviousRecord() to traverse the file in physical reverse order. You can still use these functions to process the file in reverse index order, though. Resources introduce special variable-length records into the data file, so reverse traversing by physical position no longer is possible, just as with variable record length files.

Disable Resources for a data file by using the ctDISABLERES file mode at file creation. It is possible to enable Resources for a file later with EnableCtResource(), as described later. To totally disable Resources for all files, change #define RESOURCE to #define NO_RESOURCE in ctoptn.h/ctree.mak. See “Conceptualizing a c-tree Application” in the Quick Start and Product Overview Guide for more information about setting configuration defines.