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Application Name List Usage

The configuration keyword APP_NAME_LIST permits the server configuration file to create a list of arbitrary names that can be retrieved by clients. The names are any text string not containing spaces. If spaces are desired, the text string can be placed in quotes, but the quotes will be part of the text string on retrieval.

As many APP_NAME_LIST entries as required may be created in the configuration file. For example: a list of file names may be created and then the names of the files can be retrieved by the client application. Further, by convention, one could use a delimiter to add parameters to the end of the string. Assuming, for the sake of example, that a pound sign (#) is used as a delimiter, then some entries could be added as follows:

APP_NAME_LIST first.dat#parm11#parm12#parm13

APP_NAME_LIST second.dat#parm21#parm22#parm23#parm24

It is up to the client application to determine how to parse the APP_NAME_LIST string that is returned in its entirety by calls to the c-tree GetSymbolicNames() API function.