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FairCom ISAM for C

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ISAM Examples

The example databases maintain a customer file indexed by name, number, and Zip Code. The names are maintained alphabetically by the first 14 bytes of the last name and the first 6 bytes of the first name and an automatic sequence number. The customer numbers are handled as 4-byte integers. The Zip Code index is based on the nine characters of the Zip Code and the first 9 bytes of the last name and the same automatic sequence number. This yields an alphabetical ordering of identical Zip Codes.

c-tree includes example files which make up two complete database applications using c-tree ISAM routines:

IFIL Examples


A program to add, update and scan the variable-length files. Uses incremental ISAM files and includes automatic rebuilding.

Parameter File Examples (Legacy)


An ISAM parameter file using fixed-length records.


An ISAM parameter file using variable-length records.


A simple program to create the ISAM files.