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TransformKey() converts a key target according to the ISAM definitions for a given index. For example, storing a single segment key value made up of a signed long (requires segment mode value 8) results in the value being stored in High/Low format in the index file. To retrieve this signed long from a Low/High machine using GetRecord() requires flipping the bytes in the target. Passing the key target to TransformKey() before passing it to GetRecord() causes the target value to be reversed from Low/High to High/Low to match the index so that a successful match is found.

TransformKey() expects all the necessary segments to be concatenated into a TEXT buffer pointed to by the target parameter. Since TransformKey() constructs the translated key in place, ensure that the key area TEXT buffer is at least as large as the key length, including suffix, defined for the index. See TransformKey in the function reference section for a detailed example.