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File Manipulation Functions


Use this to close a data or index file when you are finished with it. It is important to close any file if it has been updated. If you do not close an updated file when your application terminates, the file will be damaged.

CreateDataFile and CreateDataFileXtd

Creates a data file. Sets characteristics of the data file, such as record length and file mode.

CreateIndexFile and CreateIndexFileXtd

Creates an index file. The characteristics of the index file are set at this time, such as the key length.


Establishes additional indexes within an existing index file. Any physical index file can contain multiple logical indexes. While there is only one file on the disk, it can look to your program as if it is several separate indexes.


Deletes a specified file. Use instead of a C language function, such as unlink(). When using the FairCom Server the application may not have direct access to the file.


Creates a file name that is guaranteed to by unique.


This function returns information from the data file or index header record.


Returns symbolic information from the file, such as the file name.

OpenCtFile and OpenCtFileXtd

Use to open a data or index file created with CreateDataFile() or CreateIndexFile().


This function changes critical file mode attributes.


Use this function to change a password, Group ID, or permission mask of a file.


Returns the next available FairCom DB file number.