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Special Cache Value Parameter (splval)

Use the splval member of the XCREblk structure to set one of the following parameters:

Symbolic Constant





PUTIFIL() ordinarily assumes that the IFIL structure passed in will be used to open the associated data file, update the IFIL info, and close the data file. If the splval member of the XCREblk has the ctFILEOPENED bit turned on in a call to PUTIFILX8(), then it is assumed that the tfilno member of the IFIL structure has been set to the data file number of an already opened (exclusively) file. Further, the file is not closed upon exit from the routine.



When using memory files, this value makes the data file persist even after the last close (meaning when a file close operation cause the user count of file to drop to zero).



Causes FairCom Server to automatically create directories that do not exist when creating a c-tree data or index file. (Similar to the AUTO_MKDIR configuration keyword.

Affects only the corresponding file: To automatically create directories for all the physical files being created by the Xtd8 call, set the ctAUTOMKDIR bit on the splval field for each xcreblk array entry that corresponds to a physical file.



In V11.5 and later: When used in file creation, this will cause the file to be created with Hot Alter Table support.

ISAM data file create option to turn off ctKEEPOPEN mode for data file when connection terminates

c-tree Server supports an ISAM data file create option that causes the connection to turn off the ctKEEPOPEN attribute for the data file and its associated indexes when the connection terminates. This feature is useful for an application that creates a memory file and wants the memory file to be deleted when the connection terminates, even if the client loses its connection to the server.

To use this feature, OR in the value ctKEEPOPENoffAtLogoff into the splval field of the data file's XCREblk structure array element that you pass to CREIFILX8().