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Custom Server Model

FairCom is pleased to provide you the ability to link your own functionality directly into FairCom’s industry proven database server with the FairCom Server SDK, included with the FairCom Developer’s CD. This unique level of control sets FairCom apart from other alternatives by offering you the true power and flexibility required by your most demanding database server applications. With additional source code availability, no other database server vendor provides this level of access and control.

The Custom Server Model provides the advanced engineer a proven database engine in the form of a multi-thread safe library. FairCom’s multi-threaded API and available communication logic give the serious engineer the necessary tools to create custom application-specific Servers.

This model allows you to move data intensive processes from the client to the server to reduce network traffic. Data intensive calculations, special sorts, filters, and reports are just a few example processes that can benefit from this model.

Note: This model requires significant initial design efforts on the part of an experienced C programmer. Instead of using the default FairCom Server Main() function, the FairCom Server’s logic can be customized to your specifications. Your FairCom Server logic implements the fundamentals of your customized FairCom Server, such as threads, communications, and any other requirements of your special Server.

The FairCom Custom Server Development Program requires a signed distribution license prior to deployment. This model “takes the lid off” FairCom’s advanced database server and gives the developer the opportunity to use FairCom’s sophisticated database engine for custom needs. For additional information, contact your nearest FairCom office to discuss your requirements.


  • FairCom Server linkable library allows you to link your own needs into the multi-thread safe FairCom Server.
  • Developers may use their own communications subsystem, such as RPC.
  • Great technology to use for your web application servers. Bind web applications directly with the c-tree Custom Server engine and eliminate the overhead of inter-process communications.
  • Supports all FairCom DB API functions and offers exceptional performance.


  • Requires engineering expertise to design and implement the FairCom Server Main() function.
  • Requires a distribution license for production use.