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Multi-Threaded Standalone Model

Multithreaded Standalone Model

FairCom DB provides complete thread-safe client libraries for your multi-threaded projects. While the FairCom DB threading API can be used on its own, it provides a strong complement to the multi-thread client-side database support. These two advanced technologies provide sophisticated support for your multi-thread client applications. Options within the make system provide the necessary prompts to create a thread-safe library with your specified communications protocol.

FairCom authored its own Thread Manager/Scheduler that has been used for years in the FairCom Server. We did this because many operating systems, including most Unix systems, did not support native threads. Only recently have Unix vendors begun to deliver thread support. In order to provide complete multi-threaded client support to our customers, we have included this Thread Manager/Scheduler in the FairCom DB package. You can now create multi-threaded applications on all supported FairCom platforms, regardless of whether the operating system supports threads.


  • Multi-threaded clients are available on all FairCom Server supported platforms. If no native threading is available, FairCom’s proprietary Thread Manager/ Scheduler, which is included with FairCom DB, is used.
  • Invoke your application to perform multiple simultaneous tasks.
  • FairCom’s portable Thread API makes creating and managing threads easy.
  • Unique “inter-thread” communication support within FairCom’s threaded API allows for complex thread co-operation.


  • Availability of native threads on your targeted operating system. If native threads are available, they may provide a performance boost.