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FairCom ISAM for C

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Miscellaneous Points

  1. Detection of a mirrored file being opened for update without a mirror. This returns an MSKP_ERR (550) and writes a message to CTSTATUS.FCS. If the file mode has ctMIRROR_SKP OR-ed in, open succeeds without the mirror and a message is logged to CTSTATUS.FCS.
  2. The GetCtFileInfo() MIRRST mode returns one of the following values:

    0 - no mirror.

    1 - normal mirror operation.

    2 - primary has been shutdown and proceeding with mirror only.

    4 - mirror has been shutdown proceeding with primary only.

Note: If the c-tree file does not support mirrors, a -1 is returned, and uerr_cod is set to IMOD_ERR (116). If SetOperationState() is set to OPS_MIRROR_NOSWITCH, it is not possible to get a return of 2 or 4.

  1. GetSymbolicNames() supports a MIRNAM mode, which returns the name of the mirror file if a mirror exists; otherwise, no name is returned. If mirrors are not supported, then the IMOD_ERR (116) is returned.
  2. If using ctMIRROR_SKP to force an open of the primary without the mirror - a subsequent open by another user that wants the mirror receives the MNOT_ERR (551).