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Clear Transaction Logs

It is optionally permitted for single-user transaction processing applications to remove S*.FCS and L*.FCS upon a successful shutdown. The FairCom DB checkpoint code determines at the time of a final checkpoint if there are no pending transactions or file opens, and if the user profile (see InitInitISAMXtd in the function reference section) has the USERPRF_CLRCHK bit turned on. If so, the S*.FCS files are deleted, and the current L*.FCS files are deleted. The USERPRF_CLRCHK option is off by default.

Note: If the application is causing log files to be saved (very unusual for a single-user application), the files are not cleared.

If the log files are cleared, the following sequence MAY lead to error HTRN_ERR (520):

  1. Begin()
  2. Open a transaction-controlled index
  3. Update index

That is, opening the index within a transaction and then updating the index could cause a conflict with FairCom DB’s internally maintained transaction high-water mark.