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Transaction Processing Concepts

FairCom DB Transactional Technology

The Transactional Technology layer includes the low-level functions to control and maintain transaction integrity, guaranteeing complete recovery of data should an unexpected outage occur, such as hardware or power failures. With the FairCom DB transaction logging facility, many advanced features can be enabled such as dynamic dumps with complete roll forward capability and complete index data backup; replication to failover sites; and transaction history for auditing.

Transaction control provides two extraordinarily powerful tools for your applications - atomicity of operations, and recovery of data. In fact, there are four key components of any complete transactional system, collectively referred to as ACID:

Atomicity - Grouping of database update operations into all-or-nothing commits;

Consistency - The database remains in a valid state due to any transaction;

Isolation - Concurrent transactions do not interfere with each other outside of well-defined behaviors;

Durability - Committed transactions are guaranteed to be recoverable, even if the data and index files are inconsistent.

FairCom DB is fully ACID compliant and as such, FairCom DB provides the highest levels of transaction integrity.

FairCom DB transaction control can also be enabled for many legacy applications allowing many additional advanced features to be available. Automatic transactions, while not providing complete atomic operations, do allow full recovery, and an ability to add replication for fault tolerant systems and dynamic dumps of index data.

Transaction Processing

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