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Server/Host Naming Convention

Every protocol makes assumptions about the location of the machine hosting the Server. The servname argument to InitISAMXtd() is the combination of the FairCom Server name and the machine name or IP address.

Use the following table to determine the proper method for the client to find the Server based on the protocol selected. SERVER_NAME is the name specified by the SERVER_NAME keyword defined in the Server configuration, “FAIRCOMS” by default. HostName is the network ID for the host machine. It can also be an IP address with TCP/IP. HostName, if a fully qualified domain name (fqn) must be resolvable either by a connected DNS or locally defined in your /etc/hosts file. (Check your operating system documentation for exact details and file locations.)


Default host

Specifying a host

Shared Memory

Local Machine

Only default


Localhost (


For TCP/IP, on each workstation the /etc/hosts file must contain the inter-process communication (IP) address for the server machine. The name associated with the IP address is the one combined with the FairCom Server name servname. For example with the following sample host file a client application can be connected to a fully qualified domain name using the default name with the following servname values during application initialization: