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Retrieving the Number of Messages in a Server-Side Queue

ctSysQueueCount can be used to obtain the number of messages waiting in the server-side queue (system queue). The syntax for ctSysQueueCount() is:

ctCONV NINT ctDECL ctSysQueueCount(NINT qhandle)

Parameter qhandle is a system queue handle returned by a call to ctSysQueueOpen(). ctSysQueueCount() returns the number of messages in queue, or a negative number on error.


#include <ctreep.h>

int main(void)


NINT eRet = 0;

NINT hQueue = -1;

NINT isam_init = 0;

NINT count;

/* init ISAM */

eRet = (NINT)INTISAMX(6, 7, 4, 6, 0, "ADMIN", "ADMIN", "FAIRCOMS");

if (eRet != NO_ERROR)


printf("INTISAM failed with error %d\n", eRet);

goto Exit;



/* create a new queue */

hQueue = ctSysQueueOpen("MyQueue", 0);

if (hQueue < 0)


eRet = -hQueue;

printf("ctSysQueueOpen failed with error %d\n", eRet);

goto Exit;


/* retrieve the number of messages in queue */

count = ctSysQueueCount(hQueue);

if (count < 0)


eRet = -count;

printf("ctSysQueueCount failed with error %d\n", eRet);

goto Exit;


printf("Number of messages in queue: %d\n", count);


/* close the queue */

if (hQueue >= 0)


eRet = ctSysQueueClose(hQueue);

if (eRet != NO_ERROR)

printf("ctSysQueueClose failed with error %d\n", eRet);


if (isam_init)


return (int)eRet;