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Creating Memory Files Using Server Configuration Keyword

The FairCom Server supports creating memory files using a server configuration keyword. This feature allows developers to create memory files using their existing application code, provided that the file is created using an Xtd8 create function such as CreateIFileXtd8(), see Xtd8 File Creation Functions. To create a memory file using the server configuration keyword, specify one or more entries of the form:

MEMORY_FILE <file name>#<max size>

where the file name may include wild card characters, and the maximum size is optional. If no maximum size is specified, then 4GB is used. If a file is being created and matches one of the MEMORY_FILE file name entries, then it will be created as a memory file unless it is a superfile host, superfile member, mirrored, segmented or partitioned file.

To cause all possible files to be created as memory files, add the following configuration entry:


The MEMORY_FILE keyword is useful to quickly test how a file or set of files will behave as memory files.