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Dynamic CRC Check support for SPX and TCP/IP

To help detect communication problems related to network hardware failures, support for a low-level CRC check has been added to the SPX and TCP/IP protocols. Activate this feature for the FairCom Server with the keyword:


When activated, the Server performs a CRC check at the low-level entry point on/off the network.

This option is designed to help detect hardware problems. This CRC option ensures that the exact data sent by the client to the server (or visa versa) has not been corrupted by the network. FairCom received a number of reports of error 8502, which were a result of a bad network card. This CRC ability is designed to help diagnose this type of problem quickly.

Note: By activating this keyword, the TCP/IP and SPX protocols become incompatible with standard clients. In order for a client application to take advantage of this feature, the application developer must compile the FairCom DB libraries with the following define: #define ctFeatLOWL_CRC