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Diagnostic Dump of Server File-lock Table

The FairCom Server supports a diagnostic dump of its internal lock table through the LockDump() function, short name ctLOKDMP(). This option allows developers to debug lock related issues. It should be used with discretion since dumping the lock table may impact performance. To limit this impact, only members of the ADMIN group may call LockDump(), unless the FairCom Server was started with the DIAGNOSTICS LOCK_DUMP keyword, in which case any user may call the function.

LockDump() supports a number of modes allowing dumps based on files or users. The sample ctlokdmp demonstrates the options dumping all locks either by file or by user. The sample output below shows the “All Users” dump. See LockDump for a detailed breakdown of the options.

Example LockDump Output


All Users Lock Dump at Tue Apr 18 08:56:49 2000


User #10>


00000abax write/1

00000afcx write/1

00000a99x write/1

00000adbx write/1

00000b1dx write/1

User lock count: 5



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