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Sets a record filter to be used in batch operations.


CTDBRET ctdbDECL ctdbSetBatchFilter(CTHANDLE Handle, pTEXT expr)


  • Handle [IN] - Record handle
  • expr [IN] - The filter expression in text format. NULL or "" to reset it.

This is the batch version of ctdbFilterRecord(). When performing a record batch, use ctdbSetBatchFilter() as it does not connect to the server but instead sets the information locally in the client so it can piggyback onto the ctdbSetBatch() call avoiding an extra network hit. When performing individual record lookups, use ctdbFilterRecord().


New error code CTDBRET_ALREADYSET = 4170 indicates that a range or a filter for batch operation is already set.

See Also

ctdbSetBatchRangeOn (ctdbSetBatchRangeOn, ctdbSetBatchRangeOn)()

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