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Set the status of the distinct count flag for an index. To optimize some SQL queries, a better estimation of the duplicate index selectivity is required, which implies determining how many distinct keys there are in an index that allows duplicates. The CTDBINDEX_DUPCNTFLAG index status value indicates that the index has distinct key count capability.


CTDBRET ctdbSetIndexDistinctKeyCountFlag(CTHANDLE Handle, CTBOOL Flag);


ctdbSetIndexDistinctKeyCountFlag() sets the distinct count flag for an index. Use ctdbGetIndexDistinctKeyCountFlag() to retrieve the setting of this flag.

  • Handle [in] the index handle.
  • Flag [in] the distinct count flag.

It is possible to "promote" a duplicate index to a duplicate index with a distinct count by opening the table, calling ctdbSetIndexDistinctKeyCountFlag() for the index and finally calling ctdbAlterTable() to execute the changes.

A c-treeDB API utility, ctdbdistinct, is available to enable the distinct key count feature for existing index files. This utility is created from mtmake by default.

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