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c-treeDB API API for C

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Starts the FairCom DB database engine .DLL model.


CTDBRET ctdbStartDatabaseEngine(void)


A developer can call ctdbStartDatabaseEngine() once before making any other c-treeDB API or FairCom DB calls, and then call function ctdbStopDatabaseEngine() when finished with database activities to shut down the database engine. ctdbStartDatabaseEngine() must be called before any other c-treeDB API calls are performed. ctdbStartDatabaseEngine() loads the ctsrvr.cfg configuration file, creates the data and index caches, and initializes the multithreading subsystem.

Note that automatic recovery takes place on startup which can result in short delays after making this call, especially if the process was interrupted previously and an application shutdown without calling ctdbStopDatabaseEngine().


ctdbStartDatabaseEngine() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or c-treeDB API API error on failure.


ret = ctdbSetConfigurationFile("ctsrvr.cfg");

ret = ctdbStartDatabaseEngine();



ret = ctdbStopDatabaseEngine();

See also

ctdbStopDatabaseEngine(), ctdbSetConfigurationFile()