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Working with Records

The c-treeDB API API record management hides from the user all the complexities of maintaining a generic record buffer for tables. While fixed-length records may be easier to implement and maintain, variable-length records present a greater challenge for the developer.

When a table contains variable-length records, each record read may require buffers of different sizes. The c-treeDB API record manager performs the function of expanding and shrinking record buffers to deal with the necessities of variable-length records. The FairCom DB ISAM API also requires different API calls for fixed-length and variable-length records, but the c-treeDB API presents to the user one common API that deals with both fixed- and variable-length records.

Only the application architecture and system resources limit the number of c-treeDB API record buffers associated with a table.

In This Section

Allocating a record handle

User-managed record buffers

The default index

Navigating records

Finding records

Record Sets

Record Filters

Record Batches

Reading and writing field data to a record buffer


Clearing the record buffer

Adding new records

Updating existing records

Deleting records

Record properties

Record Locking