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Creating a New Table

Creating a new table may be one of the most crucial operations performed by a database developer or administrator. The c-treeDB API API offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use, mechanism for creating tables.

The create table process does not leave the table open after the table is created. The user must explicitly open the table to be able to add data records and query any of the table properties.

The create table process involves the following steps:

  • Allocate a new table handle
  • Add, insert, or delete fields
  • Optionally, add, insert, or delete indexes
  • Change any of the default table properties
  • Create the table

In This Section

Adding, inserting or deleting fields

Fixed or variable-length records

Hidden fields

Adding or deleting indexes

Index segment modes

ROWID index

RECBYT index

c-treeDB API API Compression

Changing default properties

Creating the table

Creating a table under transaction control