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Set the field length in the table definition.


CTDBRET ctdbSetFieldLength(CTHANDLE Handle, VRLEN len)


ctdbSetFieldLength() sets the field length in the table definition. This affects the entire column of the table: it is not manipulating a field from a single record (row) of the table. Use ctdbGetFieldLength() or ctdbGetFieldSize() to retrieve the field length from the table definition. Use ctdbSetFieldProperties() to set the field length, type, and name.

  • Handle [in] the Field Handle.

len [in] the field length. The maximum length of CHAR, VARCHAR, BINARY, and VARBINARY fields (64K bytes max). The maximum length of LVARCHAR, LVARBINARY fields (2GB max, or set to 0 for "2GB"). This parameter is ignored for all other field types (the non-array-like types).


ctdbSetFieldLength() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or a c-treeDB API C API error code on failure.

See also

ctdbGetFieldLength(), ctdbSetFieldProperties