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Set field as CTTIME type value with whole second precision.

NOTE: See ctdbSetFieldAsTimeMsec() if you need millisecond precision.


CTDBRET ctdbSetFieldAsTime(CTHANDLE Handle, NINT FieldNbr,



ctdbSetFieldAsTime() sets a field as CTTIME type value. Use ctdbGetFieldAsTime() to retrieve a field as CTTIME. The default time format to set a time field is CTTIME_HMP (HH:MM am/pm). To modify it, use ctdbSetDefTimeType().

  • Handle [in] the record handle.
  • FieldNbr [in] the field number to be set. To retrieve the field number given the field name, use ctdbGetFieldNumberByName().
  • Value [in] the CTTIME value to set to the field.

Truncation of Values (behavior before V12.5)

The SetFieldAs family of functions behave differently for fixed-length fields vs. variable-length fields:

Variable-length Fields - If the value passed to the SetFieldAs function exceeds the size of the field, it will be stored in the field in its entirety without truncation. Variable-length fields are allowed to exceed the declared field size. If truncation is desired, it will be necessary to check the size of the value and truncate it before passing it to the function. Because SQL cannot handle string fields that are longer than the set limit, your application will need logic to enforce the limit if the table will be opened with SQL.

Fixed-length Fields - If the value passed to the SetFieldAs function exceeds the size of the field, it will be truncated to the length of the field. The following types of fields are truncated at the c-treeDB API level:

  • SQL type: CHAR


ctdbSetFieldAsTime() returns CTDBRET_OK if successful, or the c-tree error code on failure.

See also

ctdbAllocRecord(), ctdbGetFieldAsTime(), ctdbGetFieldNumber(), ctdbGetFieldAsTimeMsec(), ctdbSetFieldAsTimeMsec()