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Set the current record based on an offset and read that record.


CTDBRET ctdbSeekRecord(CTHANDLE Handle, CTOFFSET offset)


ctdbSeekRecord() sets the current record based on the specified offset, and reads the record’s data from disk into the record handle’s record buffer. Note that if session-wide record locking is enabled, this function will also lock the record it retrieves.

  • Handle [in] the record handle.
  • offset [in] the record offset.

In this release and later, the ctdbSeekRecord() function will correctly position into the set when a record handle has an active criteria set.


ctdbSeekRecord() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or a c-treeDB API C API error code on failure

See also

ctdbSetRecordPos(), ctdbSetRecordOffset(), ctdbGetRecordPos()