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Indicate if the table has support for rowid index.


CTBOOL ctdbHasRowid(CTHANDLE Handle)


ctdbHasRowid() indicates if the table has support for a ROWID index. By default, all tables created by c-treeDB API have support for ROWID. To create a table without support for ROWID, use the create mode CTCREATE_NOROWID in ctdbCreateTable().

ROWID holds the auto-increment value generated automatically by c-tree every time a new record is added to the table. This is a read-only field.

  • Handle [in] the Table Handle.


ctdbHasRowid() returns yes if the function has support, and no otherwise.

See also

ctdbAllocTable(), ctdbFindRowid(), ctdbGetRowid(), ctdbCreateTable(), ctdbHasRecbyt()