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Retrieve the table Unique Identifier given a database handle and a table name.


CTDBRET ctdbGetTableUID(CTHANDLE Handle, pTEXT Name, pULONG puid)


ctdbGetTableUID() retrieves the table unique identifier, UID, given the table name. Use ctdbGetActiveTableUID() to retrieve the table UID, given the Table Handle. Use ctdbFindTableByUID() to locate a table in a database by its unique identifier.

  • Handle [in] the Database Handle.
  • Name [in] the table name.
  • puid [out] the table unique identifier.


ctdbGetTableUID() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or c-treeDB API error on failure.

See also

ctdbAllocDatabase(), ctdbFindTableByUID(), ctdbGetActiveTableUID()