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Retrieve the handle of the first active/open table in the database dictionary.


CTHANDLE ctdbGetFirstActiveTable(CTHANDLE Handle, pVRLEN pScanRec)


ctdbGetFirstActiveTable() retrieves the handle of the first active/open table in a database dictionary. This function is used in conjunction with ctdbGetNextActiveTable() to get all the active/open tables in a database dictionary. To retrieve the table handle given the table name, use ctdbFindActiveTable().

  • Handle [in] the Database Handle.
  • pScanRec [out] the pointer to a VRLEN to hold the scan state. It is returned by ctdbGetFirstActiveTable() and it will be an input and output to/from ctdbGetNextActiveTable().


ctdbGetFirstActiveTable() returns the table handle or NULL if there are no active/open tables in the database dictionary.

See also

ctdbAllocDatabase(), ctdbGetNextActiveTable(), ctdbFindActiveTable()