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Retrieve field as CTTIME value with whole second precision.

NOTE: See ctdbGetFieldAsTimeMsec() if you need millisecond precision.


CTDBRET ctdbGetFieldAsTime(CTHANDLE Handle, NINT FieldNbr,

pCTTIME pValue)


ctdbGetFieldAsTime() retrieves field as CTTIME value. Use ctdbSetFieldAsTime() to set field as a CTIME value.

  • Handle [in] the record handle.
  • FieldNbr [in] the field number to be retrieved. To retrieve the field number given the record handle, use ctdbGetFieldNumberByName().
  • pValue [out] the pointer to the time value.


ctdbGetFieldAsTime() returns CTDBRET_OK if successful, or the c-tree error code on failure.

See also

ctdbAllocRecord(), ctdbGetFieldAsBool(), ctdbGetFieldAsSigned(), ctdbGetFieldAsUnsigned(), ctdbGetFieldAsDate(), ctdbGetFieldAsMoney(), ctdbGetFieldAsFloat(), ctdbGetFieldAsDateTime(), ctdbGetFieldAsString(), ctdbGetFieldAsBlob(), ctdbSetFieldAsTime(), ctdbGetFieldNumber(), ctdbGetFieldAsTimeMsec(), ctdbSetFieldAsTimeMsec()